City of McPherson receives 67 CDBG pre-applications

By Chris Swick
July 28, 2015

The applications are in, now begins the task of whittling the potential target areas for the Community Development Block Grant down for presentation to the Kansas Department of Commerce.

McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory said that the City ended up with 67 units to consider.

“Of which there are a couple of landlords that had a number of them,” Gregory said. “[That also includes] 13 owner-occupied.”

The grant selects houses for improvement based off a geographic area instead of an individual, case-by-case basis. That means the next step for Gregory and City staff will be physically visiting each location to determine which would be the best for submission to the state.

“Something that, when the Department of Commerce comes out and does a preliminary walk-through, there is definitely a need there and will look at this as a favorable piece,” Gregory said. “We've done the [Housing Assessment Tool] and the [Housing Profile]. Those are all the pieces that they require and they give extra points for. We've done that, but we also need to prove that we're out there solving a real problem.”

Gregory also noted that, if your house was not among those selected this year, the City does plan on continuing their applications to the CDBG grant program for the next several years.

“Especially if this is sucessful we want to continue this,” Gregory said. “Getting new housing is important, but improving and making sure the housing stock that we currently have is vital to that strategy, as well.”

Gregory hopes to have the target area selected by the end of the week, with a public hearing on it during next Monday's McPherson City Commission meeting