ReUse It Center asks for fee waiver

By Chris Swick
July 28, 2015

The ReUse it Center opened it's doors four years ago and is already in need of expansion.

LaVon Ediger spoke before the McPherson City Commission Monday about the program, which gives an outlet for people to discard items that can be repurposed and share with others. The proceeds are shared with charities that help people in need with basic needs.

“The response to our ministry has been overwhelming,” Ediger said. “Much beyond our expectations, both by donors and purchasers. And from the local area, but also, what has been amazing to me, from the surrounding area. We have people coming specifically to the store from Hutchinson, Salina, Newton. One lady has relatives, she lives in Beloit. She stops by everytime she comes through.”

With the word-of-mouth spreading, the ReUse it Center board was faced with enlarging their current space, restrict their intake of materials or relocate.

“The TG&Y building, as referred to at the corner West Kansas [Avenue] and 81 Bypass,half of that building has come available,” Ediger said. “We are in the process of or have purchased it and we are needing to work on updating the codes of the building, work on maintenance of the building and to add space that is appropriate for what we are doing.”

Towards that end, Ediger requested that the commission waive the building permit fees towards their work on the new facility. Ediger said this amounted to about $500 in fees.

The board approved the request unanimously.