Crawford seeks feedback, discussion

By Chris Swick
July 30, 2015

McPherson schools superintendent Mark Crawford wants to hear from you.

Crawford, who started officially with USD 418 on July 1 and says his first year he wants to be a listener and a learner when it comes to his new district. With that in mind, he specifically wants to hear from four groups; the board of education, teachers and staff, students and parents.

“[I've] yet to get my transition plan dialed in for what it will look like when I meet with parents and how to get that feedback,” Crawford said. “The students will be as I visit schools. Obviously, that's going to be more into September.”

Crawford plans to collect the feedback, which includes specific questions for each group, and bring it back to the board.

“For us to look at some of the things that you're hearing, that I'm hearing,” Crawford said. “How that fits into our strategies, our C cubed, what's working well, what's not working. That should be some really excellent conversation and discussion that the board will look at.”

Crawford also indicated that he wanted to increase the district's transparency in the information it provides to the public through social media.