McPherson City Commission passes 2016 budget

By Chris Swick
August 03, 2015

The McPherson City Commission passed the 2016 City Budget without comment from the public during this morning's meeting.

The 2016 Budget Authority will be $39,340,453, up from the $36.9 million in 2015. McPherson Mayor Tom Brown stressed that the budget authority is not necessarily what the city will spend in the coming year.

“Every fund that we have can be available in case of an emergency,” Brown said. “And if we don't budget, all of our reserves and everything else, then we have a problem at the time of a disaster. If we have it all budgeted ahead of time, we're in a position where we can take some needed action that may require some finances.”

The mill levy is going up very slightly to 51.546 to help the city with anticipated hikes in fuel, health care insurance and other expenditures.

The budget was approved unanimously.