Target area selected for CDBG application from City of McPherson

By Chris Swick
August 04, 2015

The City of McPherson has narrowed down the target area for a Kansas Department of Commerce housing rehabilitation grant, now you get your say.

McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory announced the area for the Community Development Block Grant that the city plans on applying for during Monday's city commission meeting.

“In an effort to establish an area that we thought would be appropriate and give us the best opportunity to get funded,” Gregory said, “we selected an area that's essentially bounded by Elizabeth Street on the north, Avenue A on the south, Fisher Street on the east and both sides of Main Street on the west.”

That area includes 13 housing units, 11 of which are rentals. It also allows for the demolition of four vacant, dilapidated residential structures. The total project cost is an estimated $371,000, with the grant request for $300,000 from the KDOC.

Gregory said the next step will be a public hearing. That was set for this coming Monday at 9 a.m. during the city commission meeting.

McPherson Mayor Tom Brown stressed that, if your application or area didn't get chosen this time, the city does intend on re-applying for the CDBG funds for the next several years.

“We really need some help to have at least four or five years of keeping doing this type of thing,” Brown said. “If we can get the ball rolling with this type of grant, we need to keep going so that anybody that wasn't in the target area this year, we certainly are keeping their name and hopefully looking at another grant submission next year.”