MHS bowlers outlasted in home opener

By Steve Sell
January 12, 2019

There wasn't much that separated the boys' teams on Friday in the McPherson High Bowling Triangular at Starlite Lanes.

In the end, Mulvane scored 2,362 to outlast both MHS (2,242) and Cheney (2,161) as it was a highly competitive triangular.

Matt Stiggins led the way for the Bullpups with a 611 and broke 200 in each of his last two games. Blake Snyder had a 220 game on his way to a 576.

• MHS GIRLS EDGED — The varsity match basically turned into a dual because Cheney didn’t field a full team.

Mulvane outlasted MHS 1,780-1,704 to pick up the victory.

The Bullpups were led by Birkley Schwartz with a 422, just ahead of Kylee Busch with a 412. Busch made a nice comeback after just a 94 first game with 164 and 154.

• SUMMARY — "It was a bittersweet day," MHS coach Herb Halinski said. "There were a lot of good things happen with the new members as they held their head high and were great team members. On the flip side, there were too many open frames. We worked on single pins spares all week and as a team the spare percentage was not good. We have a lot of work to do."

There were a couple of youngsters who stepped up.

"I am very pleased with Blake Snyder, and Haylee and Kylee Busch," Halinski said. "Blake got off to a great start, but made a couple of bad shots that cost him a very good set. He was able to shrug off the bad shots and regroup. The twins have done nothing but get better. They are always at the lanes practicing. They were pretty nervous for the first home meet and started off slow, but they improved as the day went on. Matt Stiggins got off to a rough start missing 3 singles pins the first game. but rebounded nicely."

• Results •

• MHS Boys Varsity •

James Gesaman, 154-168-146-468

Dylan Krehbiel, 158-199-168-625

Tytin Goebel, 148-183-183-514

Matt Stiggins, 182-215-214-611

Jc Becker, 127-153-158-438

Blake Snyder, 220-158-198-576

• MHS Boys JV •

Blade Einfeldt, 120-176-101-397

Kyler Chapman, 167-141-127-435

Wyatt Eisenbarth, 153-143-486

Clayton Everhart, 151-146-180-477

Jared Armstrong, 208-158-174-541

Josh Bauers, 103-136-97-336

• MHS Girls Varsity •

Naomy Aguilar, 117-126-151-394

Birkley Schwartz, 257-153-112-422

Brooke Miller, 122-126-142-390

Heidi Allen, 152-110-131-393

Haylee Busch, 117-118-140-375

Kylee Busch, 94-164-154-412

• MHS Girls JV •

Madison French, 83-131-81-295

Alexis Southern, 115-127-95-337

Katie Dix, 69-123-131-323

Bridget Menke, 88-86-93-267

Alexis French, 91-83-75-249

Taylor Klamczynski, 99-83-92-274