Swap Shop is on KBBE 96.7 FM Monday-Saturday 9 am to 10 am except on holidays and holiday weekends.

Swap Shop is a place for individuals to advertise what you have to buy, sell and trade...for free! Businesses are not allowed to use the free service. The definition of a business also includes home-based franchises and individuals offering products and/or services that we believe compete with businesses that advertise on KBBE.

If you don't qualify for a free ad, check with our sales staff for special Swap Shop ad rates.

Here are the rules for free Swap Shop ads:

  1. Free ads are for individuals ONLY. Businesses need to pay for their ads.
  2. No guns or ammunition will be allowed.
  3. Only three (3) items or needs are allowed per call, e-mail, fax or mail.
  4. KBBE reserves the right to edit e-mail, fax and mail items.
  5. Only 1 call per day, up to three times a week.

If you want your item(s) on the air there are 5 ways:

  1. Call during the program at 620-241-1504. If you call before or after the program we can not take your item over the phone.
  2. Bring your written description of your item(s) to the radio station at 411 E. Euclid in McPherson. We lock the door before and after business hours but you can just slip your paper in the mail slot or tape it to the door.
  3. Fax it in. Our fax number is 620-241-3196.
  4. E-mail it to us. Our e-mail is [email protected]
  5. Mail a description of your item(s) to Swap Shop in care of KBBE PO Box 1069 McPherson, KS 67460

Make sure you include your name and phone number with all written communication.

All items will be posted on our Swap Shop tab on our website: www.Midkansasonline.com

Phone items will be posted immediately, fax, e-mail and mailed items will be posted as soon as time allows.

KBBE can not be responsible for items bought and sold on Swap Shop